Corns and Hard Skin


Corns on the foot and hard skin will appear over pressure points on the feet, such as on toes, under the ball of the foot and over bunions. If you wear sandals you may find you get a ridge of hard skin around the heels.

Soft corns appear between the toes, usually on the inside of the little toe

Hard corns will appear on the top of toes, under the metatarsal heads of the toes (the ball of the foot), and over bunions.

If you can relieve the pressure then you can relieve the pain - wearing wider shoes (for women especially) will help enormously. Any good podiatrist will tell you that a lot of problems are caused by ill fitting footwear so if you cannot do without your court shoes then try one of the gel pads available from this site.



You should not try to use any sort of corn pad or paste on the area as these often contain strong acids which will burn the good skin as well as the corn. The best treatment you can get is a gel pad which fits over the affected area and will stop any friction on the corn.

Hard skin can be reduced by using a foot file and moisturising cream. It will not get rid of it completely so you should see a podiatrist who will be able to remove it painlessly. This isn't to say it will not come back eventually - obviously if you wear court shoes then you will inevitably find that the problem returns.

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