Routine treatment (corns&hard skin etc) £31
First assessment including treatment £31
Cryotherapy for verrucae and warts £40
Nail surgery under local anaesthetic from £250
Custom made insoles from £25 each
Diabetic Assessment £31
Course of 6 verruca treatments £140
Simple Nail Trim £24
Home Visits (depends on mileage) £34-£40
Hospital Visits £50

We do not offer NHS treatment - if you require free NHS advice you should see your GP for a referral to your local clinic or hospital but please be aware that there will be a waiting list of 2 to 3 months before you get an appointment with them.

Please be aware that we do charge a non attendance fee of £30 for a surgery visit and £30 for a home visit if you fail to attend or do not give 24 hours notice of cancellation.

We often have promotions which discount the above fees. Please get in touch and ask what is available , or check our Facebook page to find out which treatments have special offers.

We have to be registered with the Health Professions Council which is strictly regulated and we have to undergo continuing professional development to keep our knowledge of new techniques up to date.

As you can can appreciate, our charges take into account our knowledge, experience and practical skill and you can be sure you are getting the best treatment possible.

Why pay less than your health deserves?

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